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Alexi Amarista Starting in LF Tonight

If my blog here was not partnered up wth Yahoo Sports and their family friendly headline policy, I would have spelled out the meaning of "Dub Yoo Tee Eff" in the headline here. Angels infielder Alexi Amarista will be starting in Left Field for the Angels as they open a six-game homestand against the Indians tonight.

Taking a quick look at his minor league numbers, Amarista played some rookie league outfield at age 19 in the Arizona league and a game in CF with no action at Single-A Cedar Rapids. This occurred in 2008. Magically he appears there again tonight with Vernon Wells replacing Peter Bourjos (maybe he is "Sore-jous" today) in CF. I wonder if Mike Scioscia has let him know about this yet. Is May 6 the Venezuelan version of April Fools Day? Wouldn't a "Hey the Navy Seals just put a hole in the face of Hugo Chavez" have sufficed? Let's hope that Amadeus Lexus takes the right glove with him as he runs out to the stadium's blasting of Thin Lizzy's "The Boys Are Back In Town" at 7:07 tonight. I will be in 538, where will you be?

Check your PREGAME PICKS and take note of the weird lineup out there...

1. Aybar -SS
2. Abreu -DH
3. Maicer -2B
4. Torii -RF
5. Callaspo -3B
6. Howie -1B
7. King Lousy -CF
8. Hank Conger -C
9. Alexi Amarista -LF

Like I said... WEIRD!