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Week 05: Results Mom would be proud of!

While we're giving thanks to the mothers of the world, lets also take a look at some results.
(Unless for some reason your country decided today wasn't mothers day then... well... just look at the results.)

Week 5 shows that Andyman was able to stand alone to take the top spot with 9 points! Big Game Hunter, halofan1, The Limey are just behind at 8. And behind them with 7 points are Berkeley Fan, scottnak (woo), sunshine thermometer, and V-Hawk Angelorum

Checking Total Results... Well, the king still reigns supreme as WiHaloFan stays on top. But the lead has shrunk to 3 with raadaad and Andyman nipping right on his heels. Big Game Hunter, The Limey, and red floyd are just 1 point behind that pair. Looks like the race will be getting intense!!

Keep playing those pregame picks! It's the only way you can rack up more points!