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Is Kendry(s) Morales Ever Coming Back?

Anyone remember Kendry(s) Morales? He used to have no "S" at the end of his first name, wore jersey #19 and yielded MVP votes. Now he is listed as jersey #8, played Wheel of Fortune with his first name and is taking a trip to Colorado to get a second opinion on his unhealing foot. Yep, he was supposed to be ready for Spring Training and now he is visiting a foot specialist for different advice. Great. Just great! His bobblehead doll is going to be given out at the stadium on May 24th but there is no chance he will be back on the field by then.

According to Craig Calcaterra...

Morales will travel to Vail, Colorado early this week to get a second opinion from foot and ankle specialist Dr. Thomas Clanton.

So I checked this dude out, he does not have a FaceBook page, but he does have some real square looking webpage with an essay written in the first-person. He looks and sounds pretty doctorish. Wait...

Personally, I work to develop a partnership with my patients. On my part, this begins with listening. And one of the most important things I need to know is how the physical problem affects the patient's life.

It is affecting his life because the dude wants a piece of jewelry that doesn't come around by simply sitting around. Are you listening? Tommy can you hear me? Fix his foot DAMMIT, don't become his fishing buddy. Jeez, what is in the water up there in Vail, Colorado...

Anyway, It is time to ask the question: Will Kendry(s) Morales play for the Angels again this season? My answer is NO. But you can bet against me. First correct guess of the exact game date that Kendrys makes a recorded plate appearance in an Angels uniform in an Angels game this season wins $20. You gotta guess the game date and you gotta be the first to pick that game in the thread and your guess has to be recorded as a comment here. One guess per poster. Go for it.