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Halos Heaven All Star Week in Vegas Itinerary

Getty Images for NASCAR

Here is all the info on getting AMAZING ROOM RATES for our July 10-17 meet-up in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have an unbeatably affordable Group Rate at the El Cortez Hotel and Casino in Downtown Vegas.

Following here is the blow-by-blow of where we are meeting up each day and night and what we are doing as a group (you are free to join in, wander off, do you own thing, hang out, tag along, etc. just be 21 or over and not a dick):

This is the preliminary itinerary - we will be sightseeing, going on scavenger hunts, hitting lots of drinking establishments and of course, stopping for bathroom breaks.

Sunday July 10: After Dinner drink meetup! Bar To BE Determined.

Monday July 11: Homerun Derby - bet and watch it at a sportsbook To BE Determined.

Tuesday July 12: All Star Game - bet and watch it together at a sportsbook To BE Determined.

Wednesday July 13: Day Without Baseball - Penny Slot Tournament at a cheap Casino To BE Determined.

Thursday July 14: Watching Other Teams - The Angels don't play so we will be betting on and watching other games at a sportsbook To BE Determined.

Friday July 15: Finally we get to watch the Angels, bet on them and watch them beat Oakland in Oakland at a casino sportsbook To BE Determined.

Saturday July 16: Angels televeised Double Header in Oakland. We will be betting on and watching both games in a sports book To BE Determined.

Sunday July 17: Probably a hungover goodbye breakfast buffet.

And much much more to be added - when you get into town on any of these dates, just check Halos Heaven and you will know where we are - be it a group of five or fifty, we are painting Vegas red for All Star Week and Doubleheader weekend!