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Royals Extend Angels Futility 2-4. 8th Loss in last 9.

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What was once a mighty prolific offensive force erupts in Big Bang Friday Fireworks as it careens uncontrollably around the season of dashed hopes. If the meek truly shall inherit the Earth, this Halo Offense is first in line to Rule over The New World Order. 2012 cannot come soon enough.

Ervin Santana tossed up a rather uninspiring 7 frames, scattering 4 runs over 7 innings with 5 BB's against 5 K's. And yet, with an offense which saw everyone but Trumbo garner a hit tonight, it should have been good enough to remain competitive.

Unfortunately, the Halos worked mightily to limit the damage caused by those 8 hits to a mere 2 runs. And the culminating moment of the evening's offensive outbursts came stumbling into home plate as Bobby Abreu was thrown out trying to score from second on an Erick Aybar single - TO LEFT FIELD. Awesome. Meanwhile, somebody might consider dropping Vernon Wells to 11th. Or even 12th.