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Week 10 Results: ladybug

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Hello hello, welcome to the weekly results post. While the Angels didn't have that great of a week... the pregame picks scoring was pretty healthy (Though I'm sure all of us would prefer the reverse results...). In any case, let's take a look.

Week 10 had a special 6-pick chance on Monday... and well, that definitely helped out! As ladybug grabs the crown for the week with 9 points! Downing Rules, drtrix, Fred Fredrix were right behind at 8. Check the link to see to see where you placed for the week.

Total Results show no change in the leader once again. WiHaloFan stays strong in first, but the lead has once again shrunk by 1... down to 3. Here's the current top 5:

WiHaloFan 47
Big Game Hunter 44
Andyman 43
Berkeley Fan (^ 3)
bc56274 (v 1)

However... Andyman has now taken over the lead in PPG!