Jim Edmonds- My Dad's Favorite

I know my Dad had many halo favorites over the years, but Jim Edmonds is the one I remember most because he was my Dad's most recent favorite and the one we liked most to tease him about.

I'm not sure what that reveals about my Dad, but my Dad did like to get his money's worth for anything, even baseball, and Edmonds usually delivered. His diving, over-the-shoulder catches always pleased my Dad, even if it brought chants of "Showboater" from the 'peanut gallery' (us girls), which never failed to produce big ear-to-ear grins from my Dad. A native California guy like my Dad, Edmonds, in my Dad's eyes, was the perfect Angel.

My Dad's only regret about the Angels' 2002 WS win was that Edmonds was not there to share it. Quite naturally, he was more than happy to root for the Cards in the 2006 Series, and when they pulled it off, my Dad didn't fail to point out what the Angels had missed out on by letting Edmonds get away!

On a trip to St. Louis my sister brought back an Edmonds autographed ball for my Dad. Shortly after that, my Dad passed away and the ball was returned to her. It is now one of her most prized possessions, but not because Edmonds signed it, but because my Dad valued it. Happy Fathers' Day, Dad. We miss you.

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