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Daniel Tillman Angels Top Prospect #16

Continuing the countdown from our Preseason Angels Top 20 Prospects list, presented here as a transcript from our March 29, 2011 episode of LunchTime HaloTalk with special guest, Ryan Ghan, Halos Heaven's most trusted source for examining the Angels' minor leagues.

REV HALOFAN: Alright. We are moving on to sweet 16. Ryan Ghan?

RYAN GHAN: I've got Daniel Tillman. The Angels drafted drafted him in the second round in 2010 out of Florida Southern. He was a bit of a surprise going that high in the draft because he was an under the radar bullpen guy in college.

REVHF: He was college reliever?

RGHAN: Yeah, this is not a guy who was a high profile starter in college, he was a closer, but he pitched very well in the Pioneer League last year. His fastball right now is in the mid-90s. It's got some movement, and is a nasty pitch. Apparently, his slider is too, though it wasn't all that great in college. I've got to attribute my sources here: this is Baseball America talking, as I haven't yet been able to see him in person.

Apparently, his slider saw a lot of improvement last year. The Angels coaches had him play with his grip. They had him experiment with different ways of delivering the pitch, and it just took off. So he's got two plus pitches. It looks like they're gonna keep him in the Bullpen, so he is a guy who could move very, very quickly. It wouldn't be a surprise at all to see him end in higher league, even Double-A next year if the numbers continue to be good. In 2010 he struck out 50 in about 30 innings.

JIM GARDNER: He left college early?

RGHAN: Yeah. I think he was a junior.

JIM G.: Could he have an opportunity to move a little bit faster through the organization to make it to the majors with some college?

RGHAN: Yeah, He could move very, very quickly. So just keep an eye out for him.

At Low-A Cedar Rapids this season, Tillman has started 8 Games and relieved in 9 others as of June 10
In 42.1 IP he has 44 Ks, 21 BB and an ERA of 2.55
He is 22 years and 3 months old.