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Who Are the Most Tradeable Angels?

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Seeing as ESPN blogger Mark Saxon makes a living by taking topics from other websites and, without crediting them, makes the discussion seem to be is original reporting, I have no qualms hacking the hacktastic hack when, after reading about his "sources" saying Arte Moreno has stopped the money pump for the rest of 2011, he rolls down the list of who on the Angels would be worth trading.

First, I do not trust our baseball operations people in any way shape or form to acquire players or prospects in a trade. When reacquiring Alberto Callaspo is your masterstroke, it is just Tony "Sheetforbrains" Reagins rolling dice. Maybe the number will come up, maybe not. The only thing to analyze on this end is who could be of the most value to contending teams in July. What chips is tony taking with him to the craps table? That is the bottom line.

Here are the Four Angels who will yield the most for the club in a trade:

Dan Haren - A #1 starter for $21 million for August/September, all of 2012 and a buyout on 2013. $31 million total to exercise that last year of his contract.

What Dan would bring: Tony would screw this up, but a good GM would throw $5 million of salary relief along with Dan and take a decent power bat and three Top 20 Prosepct arms.

Howie Kendrick - A great 2B in his prime will cost a team a million bucks for August and September with his 2012 salary to be setermined in arbitration. He is a free agent after that.

What Howie would bring: Tony Reagins would probably get at least the next Reggie Willits, whereas a competent GM would find a way to get a Top 5 Prospect bat and two Top 15 Prospect arms for Howie.

Erick Aybar - An above average Shortstop in his prime will cost a million bucks for August and September of this year and then one last meeting with the arbitrator before becoming a free agent prior to the 2013 season.

What Aybar would bring: A tick less than Howie.

Ervin Santana - A decent #3 and even a #2 on some clubs, unfamiliar to the National League (hey I am trying to be a salesman here) for $15 million total with 2013 buyout, $24 million total includes 2013. He turns 30 after the 2012 season so this is a good time to sell.

What Santana would bring: Send a little of that dough the club's way and you might get a proven bat with some pop or two of some club's Top 10 Prospects.

Arte will not trade: Torii Hunter, Jered Weaver, Bobby Abreu, Scott Downs

Nobody is going to want: Fernando Rodney, Vernon Wells, Jeff Mathis

•Since the division is still within reach, why bother trading the following seeing as we might get a fringe prospect for any one of these guys at best: Hisanori Takahashi, Joel Pineiro, Maicer Izturis, Alberto Callaspo

•Too affordable to jettison: Everyone else.