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Trading Secrets With the Enemy: New York Mets

The Angels travel to New York this weekend, but it's not to Yankee Stadium.  Instead of the Bronx they'll be in Flushing, Queens to take on the Mets for another installment of inter-league play.

I had the opportunity to trade a few questions with Chris McShane from the fantastic Mets' blog Amazin' Avenue.  (By the way, you can read my answers here):

Halos Heaven:  A lot of Angels fans have been hearing about the possibility of the Mets trading either David Wright (until he hurt his back) or Jose Reyes.  What’s the real likelihood one or both of these players get dealt?

Chris McShane:  I don't see the Mets trading either player. The notion that Wright would be traded came about after the media played out the angle that Reyes would inevitably be traded, but it didn't sound legitimate then and doesn't really make any sense now. As for Reyes, they'll find a way to keep him in a Mets uniform. He plays a premium defensive position, he's reminding everyone of just how good he is, and they'd risk alienating fans even more than they already have over the past few years if they got rid of him. Obviously, anything could happen, but I'd bet both players are on the team come Opening Day 2012.

HH:  Former Angels’ and current Mets’ closer Francisco Rodriguez will have his $17.5M option vest for 2012 if he completes a certain number of games in 2011 and 2010-11.  Are the Mets taking any steps to avoid the option vesting? 

CM: They're definitely not taking any steps to avoid the dreaded vesting option. Back in January, Eno Sarris outlined a plan for the Mets to get the most out of Frankie while also avoiding the option, but the Mets aren't doing that. On top of quite a few save opportunities, he's gotten plenty of games finished in games that weren't close. Unless he's traded to another team to be a setup man or gets injured, that option is vesting. He's still pitching well so if they get stuck with him for next year, at least he figures to be an excellent relief pitcher despite the fact that he'll be insanely overpaid. 

HH:  What are Mets’ fans saying about the new ownership deal?  Did David Einhorn really buy 60% of the team for $200,000,001.00?

CM:  The details are neither finalized nor public, but rumor has it that it's a good deal for Einhorn. Just how good it is remains to be seen, but Mets fans like what they've heard so far. They're definitely not in love with the Wilpons, and if Einhorn eventually becomes the majority owner, I'd imagine Mets fans will celebrate the change. 

HH:  If you were able to buy control of the Mets, what would be the first thing you’d do to get the team back into contention for 2012 (assuming you’ve written off the 2011 season)?

CM:  I'd give Sandy Alderson free reign to sign Jose Reyes to an extension. And if it were my money, I wouldn't want to be paying any relief pitcher $17.5 million so I'd probably see what he thought of getting rid of Frankie Rodriguez.

HH:  Who do Mets fans hate more, Shane Victorino or Bernie Madoff?

CM:  Shane Victorino, without a doubt. (And this too)

Thanks to Chris for making this happen, and be sure to check out Amazin' Avenue.

Here are this weekend's match-ups:
Friday - Joel Pineiro (2-3, 4.03 ERA) vs Chris Capuano (5-6, 4.40 ERA)
Saturday - Dan Haren (6-4, 2.54 ERA) vs Mike Pelfrey (3-5, 5.11 ERA)
Sunday - Tyler Chatwood (3-4, 4.20 ERA) vs Jonathon Niese (6-5, 3.46 ERA)