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Cam Bedrosian Angels Top Prospect #14

Prior to the start of the 2011 season, Minor League analyst extraordinaire Ryan Ghan joined us on LuchTime HaloTalk to give us his countdown of the Top Twenty Angels Prospects. Here is a transcript discussing pick number fourteen...

REV HALOFAN: All right. Moving on number 14, who do you got?

RYAN GHAN: Cam Bedrosian. He had great scouting reports headed into the 2011 draft, though most didn't see him as a first rounder. But the Angels really like him. He's on the short side for a pitcher, and doesn't have much projection on him. I think he's at 6 feet, 200 pounds, something like that. So, he is what he is from a physical standpoint, and the velocity isn't likely to jump. But what he is is pretty good. He's already pitching in the mid-90s. He's got a wipeout slider just like his dad. He does have a change-up and a curveball that he's working on. The plan is to keep him in the rotation until he can't swing it anymore. But two plus pitches, it's a great place to start. Now, a lot of people actually have him ranked much higher than I do. I've got him hiding all the way down here at 14, but there are a lot of folks out there who put him at nine or ten -- I think they see much more upside in him than I do.

REVHF: You definitely see him as a reliever there, right when he hits the big league.

RGHAN: Yeah. I do. I do. And that's mainly because he's a shorter guy. The Tyler Chatwoods of the world don't just fall out of trees, guys who don't have the size, but who can stay in the rotation, who can hold up for a full season, who can go eight to nine innings on occasion. You know, those are hard guys to find and it's just -- it's really hard to bet on this guy this early in his career. He doesn't have the athleticism of Chatwood, so I hesitate to project that he will stick in the rotation like Chatwood.

REVHF: If anyone out there can find tapes of the old Bob Rowe Angels post game shows in the late 1980s, you would hear a young Rev Halofan, then known as Matt from Huntington Park would be saying, "The Angels need to trade for Steve Bedrosian and this guy is going to be a hall of famer!"

RGHAN: So you go back with the family, huh?

REVHF: So when they signed Cam, I was like -- when they signed Cam Bedrosian, I was just like ....I wonder if Bob Rowe remembers this pestering, idiot drunk caller "The Angels got to get Steve Bedrosian!" Anyway, now we got Cam Bedrosian, at number 14. Woot!

Cam Bedrosian turns 20 on October 2. He underwent Tommy John surgery in early May and is expected to be pitching again in June - August of 2012