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Angels Win 2-1 In Rainy, Fan-less Miami

Weavin' And Dealin'
Weavin' And Dealin'

The game started a little late in a rainy Miami and no one was there to watch it (4000 in attendance); however, despite the rain, it was a similar story to all other Angels games this year--strong pitching, non-existent offense.


Maicer Izturis started off the game with a double, but he was not advanced and did not score. This was a common theme for the rest of Angels' hitting woes for the rest of the night: getting runners on (at least 1 was on-base every inning) and doing nothing once they were there.

Jered Weaver, as per usual, was his dominant self. He struck out 6 on the night, and he only gave up 1 earned run. This run came in the bottom of the 2nd off a sacrifice fly. The Marlins never really threatened for the rest of the night, and it is semi-refreshing seeing another team struggle so mightily offensively (they are now 1-19 in June).

The first Angels run came in top of the 6th. A strange confluence of events led to it, however. With two outs, Erick Aybar laid down a bunt single. Aybar then advanced to second on a balk, and then again to third on a wild pitch. Torii Hunter hit a bloop single to center giving the Angels the first run of the night.

The second Angels run came in the 8th, but again it required unusual circumstances to tally it. Izturis led off with a single. Aybar followed with another single to RF and advanced Izzy to 3rd. A botched hit-and-run, with Torii batting, advanced Aybar to second. Torii then promptly grounded out to third, but Izturis scored on the play--the contact play to be more precise. If not for the botched hit-and-run attempt, Torii's ground-out would have been an inning ending GIDP. (note: Next year, the MLB has agreed to name the stat after Hunter).

Weaver left after the 7th. He entered the 7th inning allowing 1 run or less for the 9th time this year (per Terry Smith). Downs and Walden provided anti-climatic 8th and 9th innings--that is all one can really ask of their bullpen.

Weaver was dominant on his end, and the Angels offense did just enough to get him the win. Hopefully that's all the Angels need this year in the sagging AL West.

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