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Angels Take Series From Fish in Extras

Final in Ten! Angels win! Final Score in Miami: Angels 6, Marlins 5 in 10 innings.


Arte Moreno gets paid $50 Million per year by Fox Sports West to broadcast Angels games in order to zoom cameras on balls rolling along the grass while an exciting baserunning team is making things happen back on the infield dirt. The Angels beat the Marlins to take their third straight road series but all television viewers got was closeups on players' faces while shots of situational baseball would have been of interest, and then of course the infamous zoom on balls rolling while so much action is happening elsewhere.

Torii Hunter bruised some ribs and had to leave the game after making a highlight reel catch. Amazingly, Fox caught the play, perhaps cursing Hunter for being caught on camera doing something good. While Moreno and company strive to have a major league product with this minor league telecast, minor leaguer Michael Kohn saves the game as Hank Conger and Mark Trumbo each get go-ahead Ribbys late.

Early homeruns by Maicer Izturis and Bobby Abreu had put the Halos up. Late baserunning chugging old man train engine woot woot Abreu scored the 10th inning run that mettered when a hard hit ball tweaked off of the Hanley Remirez glove and allowed FSN-West the money shot of a ball dribbling on down the grass as Bobby made an exciting turn of 3B (I assume it was exciting, FSN-West just showed us lawn clippings and leather, gotta love hack minor league cheapskate telecasts).

Jordan Walden picked up his first career Win. Torii's X-Rays were negative. The Angels fly back to So Cal overnight and play again in Los Angeles of Los Angeles on Friday night, pitchers batting, double switches inevitable.