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Mike Trout News and Freeway Series Halolinks

MIKE TROUT will be in All-Star Futures Game
Former Angels minor leaguer Tyler Skaggs and draftee/non-signer Matt Harvey will be too.

Mom's Talk: Would You Take Your Kids to a Dodger Game? features articles and comments by women that I hope none of you married.

Angels-Dodgers Tidbits
Name the FOUR Angels managers who played for the Dodgers.

Eric Stephen of SBNLA has a countdown of the five most memorable Dodgers-Angels regualr season games. I was in attendance at the very first one, one of the top five, here are links to two of them recapped for ya.

Most Memorable Freeway Series Games: Todd Zeile Walk-Off In First Regular Season Dodger/Angel Matchup
As the Angels and Dodgers renew their interleague rivalry Friday night, it's time to look back on the most memorable regular season Freeway Series games. The second most memorable was the first regular season game between these two teams, on June 17, 1997 at Dodger Stadium. This was back when interleague play was new and fresh.

The Most Memorable Freeway Series Game: The Dodgers No-Hit Win Over The Angels
The Angels and Dodgers resume their interleague rivalry Friday night at Dodger Stadium, the first of two straight weekends these two teams will meet. The most memorable game in the Freeway Series between the Dodgers and Angels is notable if only for its linescore.