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Nats Bring Presidents Race to Anaheim

Would you rather see a race between Sally Hemmings and Mary Todd?

Press Release from the Angels Media Department...

The Angels announced today that the Washington Nationals Presidents Race will occur during all three games at Angel Stadium during the Nationals visit June 27 - 29.

The race will provide Angels fans a chance to enjoy the same fun in-game entertainment feature that takes place at all Washington Nationals home games. The Racing Presidents will also be available for photos with fans on the field level concourse at Angel Stadium, and will be incorporated into other in-game entertainment features prior to taking the track each night.

The race features the four presidents immortalized on Mount Rushmore: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. George is a fan favorite and races with a confidence that has helped him win 12 races so far this season. Winning 10 races in 2011, Tom is not known for his athleticism, but rather his academic intellect. While he is a self-proclaimed underdog, Abe's long stride and determination has helped him claim 15 wins this season, putting him in the number one spot. Theodore, or Teddy as he is affectionately known by fans, has yet to win a race in more than 400 attempts since the race's inception in 2006.

The Presidents Race began in 2006, when the Nationals played at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium. After the Presidents spent the first half of the season as a virtual race displayed on the video board, the Nationals adapted the race to a live version. The four Presidents are approximately 10 feet tall with large caricature heads. After their initial popularity and success, the Presidents Race became a tradition that has followed the Nationals to their present home - Nationals Park. The race continues to be a fan favorite for MLB fans across the country.