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Angels Bats Down Dodgers Despite Six Basepath Blunders


Final Score in Chavez Ravine: Angels 8 ...Dodgers 3

The Angels spotted the Dodgers six runs with five basepath blunders in the first three innings alone and another in the 6th to give their cross-basin rivals confidence in an early 2-1 lead.

But a 2-run HR by Erick Aybar six other Angels batting in a run apiece added up to a 8-3 stomping in front of a divided red-blue crowd of 43,000.

Dan Haren tossed a quality start for the victory and Hisanori Takahashi provided 2 innings of solid relief when the outcome was not as assured as the final score implies.

Haren allowed ten hits over six innings pitched, three of them to Andre Ethier, who had his number and whose fourth blast would have been an easy triple were it not for an amazing catch by left fielder Howie Kendrick. Yes, the magic of Mike Scioscia saw Kendrick's 13th ever start in LF yield two hits that should have been caught and two catches that should have been run producing extra base hits. It was that kind of game - 2 CS, 2 Pickoffs, 2 outfield assists, all against the Angels and totally meaningless when the final tally was cast.

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