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Angels Notch Nationals, 11-5, as Vernon Vetos Naysayers


InEXplicably, our EXpensive Vernon Wells EXpelled some personal demons in an attempt to EXpiate his first 80 games, and finally joined the 2011 edition of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for the second half of the season. This, just in time to assist the Halos with an EXplosion of offense, as they EXploited this unEXpected contribution and EXpunged the EXpatriated EXpos. In an EXpert EXample of plate EXperience, our winged juggernauts EXploited some shaky Washington defense, EXpired their starter in the 6th, EXpended a month's worth of offense against their bullpen, EXperimented with an offense reminiscent of 2002, and EXpanded their lead over the EXhausted M's. EXpletives abound.


Home runs by Erick Aybar AND Vernon Wells AND Hank Conger and a 2-run double by Mark Trumbo to erase a 2-run error by Mark Trumbo, all in the same game? It's been Roman Numeral X months since the Halos scored at least Roman Numeral X runs at home in one game. This is one EXperience I cannot EXplain.