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Angels Fans Optimism at .500, Pessimism Lurks HALOLINKS JUNE 3

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James at True Grich insists we stay optimistic... All things considered....

Meanwhile, in case you didn't read it, Rich Lederer looks at the payroll and writes a Letter to Tony Reagins

Guess who is pitching tonight Sunday for the Yankees? A dude named Bartolo Colon!!!!!!!!

VIDEO LINK: Biggest story in Nebraska: Erstad named new Husker baseball coach. Their teevee dude calls us the California Angels twice.

Brown Nose of the Week: Bill Plunkett slobbers as he writes: Angels Wells eager for new start to his season.

The Angels will be hewing to Obama's policies. Get it?!?! Talk is they are GONNA DRAFT LEFTIES. GET IT?!? C'mon Sarah, that was funny.

More OC Register propaganda about our NEW SCOUTING DIRECTOR. Thanks for reminding me that I gotta write a pre-draft article!

DAN HAREN UPDATE: Keep Clicking THIS LINK until Dan gets well.

Photo of the day: Souvenirs, anyone?

An unsigned editorial at LAAI says we will need more offense at the trade deadline. And you know about the TWITTER CONTEST, right?

Hey look, the Riverside Press Enterprise has Angels Coverage for May 22 and May 26 up on their Angels page but because they also print their monthly Angels story on toilet paper instead of bloggers getting access, their sportswriters get stadium press passes while their publication's readers just use that paper to wipe their... car windshields....

FINALLY: Trivia Question: Who was the one hundredth player to ever take the field for the Angels franchise?