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Yankees Lucky ARod HR Denies Angels Win

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Ervin Santana tossed a quality start. The Angels brought the winning run to the plate in the bottom of the 9th and forced Joe Girardi to go to his bullpen and bring in Mariano Rivera to get the save in support of CC Sabathia in a 3-2 New Jersey victory over the morally superior Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. New Jersey relied on the obviously steroid-induced bats of Curtis Granderson and CamArod Diaz to get its ill-gotten gains.

The Yankees only win because they are lucky. Forget the pythagorean standings and other statistical minutia. The Yankees would be 0-162 if they were not lucky. Tonight they got a lucky HR by Alex Rodriguez who they were lucky to trade for and lucky to re-sign. All of their fans live in New Jersey and stay out of the Bronx except during games to reserve the luck for the Yankees who need it, they need to stay lucky.

Meanwhile the Angels are now 3.5 games back in the AL West and are back at .500 with a 30-30 record. 102 Games left to play, at least they are a tick ahead of my preseason prediction of a 79-win team.