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Angels Wilt in Yankees Shadow Falling Under .500

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Angels are now 30-31


The Sunday afternoon game had a few highlights for Angels fans. That is, Angels fans from 2005 where Bartolo Colon pitched into the 6th inning with a serviceable 3ER outing, 4 Ks and less than a hundred pitches thrown. It was a fantastic afternoon for fans of the final 1/3 of 2008 Angels as Mark Texeira had 2 HR off of former Mariners ace Joel Pineiro.

This was a great game for ghosts of Angels games past, but it was a miserable indicator of the present. Funny thing is, every gutless ground out by Torii Hunter gets us one game closer to the figment of the fantastic future that is Mike Trout, the redeemer of our future pennants for which we must now suffer, wandering on a desert day dominated by pinstriped yesteryear heroes still chugging along on undetectable substances that have delivered fountain of 2000 youth.

Meanwhile Mark Trumbo will not be batting cleanup because there is some weird reasoning for this. When Vernon Wells returns and bats higher than Trumbo in the lineup and we sink further behind the Rangers (4.5 down and falling fast) someone hold Tony Reagins down and we can tattoo gothic lettering "Eddie Bane" on his rear.