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Angels First Round Pick CJ Cron Has Torn Labrum

Well, that was fast.

Per a pro-tweet, it turns out that the Angels first round draft pick CJ Cron has a torn labrum, knew he had trouble in the shoulder but played with the pain anyway this past season, compiling a 1.303 OPS in the high altitude Utah air and many stadia of the Pac 10 ... At 21, shoulder surgery for a power hitter may not be what Tommy John surgery is for a pitcher's elbow, but any delusions that Cron was a catching or evn 3B prospect are completely out of the picture.

Sam Miller of the OC Register reported via Twitter that C.J. Cron will be signing quickly and other reports showed last year's 17th pick in the draft, Josh Sale of the Rays, signed for a little more than $1.6 Million. Even with a team-friendly deal and attention to this medical problem, the Angels have once again gone high-risk/high-reward on a draft pick, albeit a proven power-hitter. There is almost no chance that labrum surgery performed this month would yield a appearance on the field at any time this year at any level, save for a late debut in the Arizona Fall League.