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David Price Dominates Angels

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Final Score in Anaheim: Rays 5, Angels 1


If David Price continues to pitch like he did Monday night in Anaheim, he won't be making just the batters down the street from Disneyland look "goofy". The Angels line score of 1 run, 5 hits and 1 error might inspire their fans to take solace in an extra shot of Bacardi 151, but the hope that they might not see a pitcher this good for the next generation is the glimmering hope of a season that is slowly slipping through their fingers.

Like a Chekhov narrative, Number five starter Tyler Chatwood started off so dour, then seemed to possibly signal redemption with passages of delightful promise dashed by outrageous visages of unimaginable nihilism. The Halo offense is in a miserable rut, managing five inconsequential hits and striking out 7 times.

The Angels are like a hissing tire right now. You just wonder how long the ride will last... ssssssssssss sssssssssss ssssss... They are trying to keep up with Texas but only have a view of Seatlle's rear on the Western Division Highway.