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Nick Maronde is Angels Third Round Draft Choice, Second Pick

College Lefty with polish, heat and movement. The Angels have drafted a hard throwing left handed pitcher, Nick Maronde, from the University of Florida. A native of Kentucky, Maronde hits 96 on the gun and scouting videos saw a lot of movement on his breaking pitches to complement that high heat. The Bluegrass Ball Tweet points out that he relieved but the Angels could give him a chance to become a starter.

Here is ONE TWEET to reveal how opponents fear him.

As with all players appearing in Florida, you gotta figure Tom Kotchman gave the nod on this drafting, the 104th pick in the 2011 draft. The Angels did not have a second round pick due to draft compensation going to the Blue Jays over their signing of relief pitcher Scott Downs, also a lefty. Eerie coincidence that Maronde is a lot like Scott Downs, albeit with a more stylish, contemporary haircut and a lankier frame that, when he grows into it, will probably keep those high nineties gun readings.