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Enjoy Confidence in Angels Late MLB Draft Picks

While the big money and headlines will fall on first round pick CJ Cron, drafted 17th overall in the 2011 draft by the Angels, don't forget the later rounds too. History shows that you can be just as confident in those picks as the early headlines. Take a look at some absolute gems who garnered no draft headlines but made up for lost ink between the lines.

You want arms? Jordan Walden was a 12th round pick in 2006 and Chuck Finley was a 15th round selection.

'Always neglected by the Angels, Mike Napoli was drafted in the 17th round in June of 2000.

Mark Trumbo has 11 HRs this year, pretty good for a 19th round pick in 2004.

And of course, with the 1,137th pick in the 1997 draft, the Angels selection in the 38th round was Scot Shields, who would go on to be named set-up reliever of the decade by Sports Illustrated.

Granted, many years go by without a high numbered pick ever making it to the major leagues or making an impact if they actually get there. Many a bit player has been taken in the later rounds and been spared the label of "bust" because of the convenience of a few early rounds in which they were not spotted.

And so the inexact science goes on, one in which we can confidently expect as many nice surprises in the rounds just past the headlines as early round hopes begin to fade. Check out these:

Tenth Round Pick, #315 overall: Drew Martinez, of (Memphis, born April '89)

Tenth Round Angels: Peter Bourjos, Howie Kendrick

9th Round, Pick 285: Nick Mutz, rhp (No School, born June '90)

Ninth Round Angels: Ken Forsch, Mark McLemore

8th Round, Pick 255: Logan Odom, rhp (From USC, born August '89)

Eighth Round Angels: ehhh... Anyone still on the Trevor Reckling bandwagon?

7th Round, Pick 225: Abel Baker, c, (From a Texas Junior College, born October '90)

Seventh Round Angels: Jim Edmonds was drafted here in 1988

6th Round, Pick 195: Austin Wood, rhp (From USC, born July '90)

Sixth Round Angels: Clyde Wright, Devon White, Troy Percival, Gary DiSarcina