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All-Star Vegas Itinerary

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We are in Sin City for our Halos Heaven All-Star and Doubleheader Week meetup.

10 PM Saturday ...Penny Slot Tournament at the GOLD SPIKE CASINO, Downtown Las Vegas. Cupie is in town to defend his crown as the king of the Penny Slots. Entry Fee: Five Dollars.

infamous photo follows after break...


RevHf, Mayhem, Moondoggy at about 1:30 AM Wednesday Morning...


ABOVE: Matt Welch and Mayhem at the Binion's Casino Bar Wednesday Night.

BELOW: Northwest and LADYBUG chowing on desserts....




BELOW: 10 PM Sunday ... at the El Cortez Casino downtown...


At the El Cortez bar, Moondogy, maze88, dejayelleseven hanging at the bar while Missus Halofan is pounding Dirty Skyy Martinis...

5 PM Monday... at the Venetian Casino Sports Book... Homerun Derby Meetup and Viewing Party:


Mayhem In The Hood showed up... he and I, independent of each other, had bet on Matt Holliday to win the HR derby thus immediately jinxing the slugger.