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Week 14: 3 Tied w/ 4... WiHaloFan Regains the Lead

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I'm back! #1!!
I'm back! #1!!

It was quite a simple week of pickings... but that means points were pretty hard to come by!

Week 14 has the crown of 4 pts... shared between 3 people: jessthelion, scottnak, stuck in Romania.
11 others are tied up with 3 pts right behind.

Overall, WiHaloFan was able to eke by blast21dave and reclaim the overall leaders seat by a single point as we enter the all-star break. But not to look too far behind, tanana40 has now tied blast21dave as well! Looks like its a 3 man race for the top now!


WiHaloFan 70 85
blast21dave                (v 1)
69 92
tanana40                    (^ 1)
69 89
bc56274                     (^ 1)
66 86
66 79
Big Game Hunter        (v 1)
65 92
44FAN                         (^ 1)
65 91
Downing Rules   
64 87
Chone's Chonies        (v 1)
63 92
stuck in Romania        (^ 4)
63 78


In the PPG front, The Coon still is on top here... though he has fallen under the 1.000 clip that he was shooting at for the past few weeks.

Some new stats should be ready after the ASB.
Don't forget to check back for the Picks for All Stars Game!