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Fred Lynn Grand Slam - Angels All-Star Moments!

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#2 - Angels Centerfielder Fred Lynn hits the only Grand Slam in All-Star History on his way to the 1983 game's MVP

Through an odd quirk of voting in the 1982 American League Championship Series, Fred Lynn won the ALCS MVP despite playing for the team that lost the pennant in the fifth game of that best of five championship. And so it was an eerie synchronicity for Lynn to be starting the All-Star game in an Angels uniform for the American League team manged by Milwaukee Brewers Skipper Harvey Kuenn.

Harvey's Wallbangers had beaten the Autry ATM (that wasn't the '82 Angels nickname, I just came up with that, in fact there were not even ATMs in 1982) in October, but in July the forces were combined against a then-sickeningly dominant National League.

Fred Lynn only had one hit in the 1983 All-Star game. In the bottom of the 3rd inning, Atlee Hammaker was getting rocked. A 2-1 American League lead had become a 5-1 tense situation. It was 1983, Dave Winfield had just been driven in on a base hit by fellow Angel Rod Carew and Brewer "teammate" Robin Yount was intentionally walked to load the bases (Manny Trillo was on 3B). Like the early 1980s film classic Repo Man explained: Most ordinary people spend their lives avoiding tense situations but a Repo Man spends his getting into tense situations.

Hammaker couldn't avoid that which made an Angel thrive. Fred Lynn hit a line drive homerun over the wall at old Comiskey Park and still stands as the All-Star Grand Slam. 1 hit in 3 AB, 1 run scored, 4 RBI, 1 HR (GS), oh... and one MVP.