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A's Swat Angels Into Obscurity 9 - 1 as Joel Pineiro Lasts But A Single Out

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With Texas currently feasting on the Mariners, and the Angels presented with one of the worst teams in baseball to satisfy their hunger to keep pace on the division lead, Joel Pineiro strolled out to the mound for a few minutes of abject horror. 10 Oakland batters into the game and Pineiro had handed over 4 walks, 4 hits, 1 Grand Slam Home Run, 1 error by Mark Trumbo, and 8 runs scored. Oh...but hey, at least he got Kurt Suzuki - Angels Nemesis - to ground out weakly!!!


On the offensive side, the Halos were nothing but. "Offensive", that is. Our crew tacked on 1 ridiculous time wasting run in the 9th to complete their 4 game stay with only 10 total runs scored, they added another 10 strikeouts to run their weekend total to 41.

The most hilarious moment of the game came in the 8th inning when, with Russell Branyan on first base after drawing a walk, Mike Scioscia chose to pinch hit for Torii Hunter and save him from yet ANOTHER GIDP (which would have been his second of the game). So who does he send up? None other than Jeff Mathis!! And - SURPRISE! - Jeffy promptly grounds into Torii's double play.

You're doing a heckuva job, boys.