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Jordan Walden Makes a Mistake by the Lake

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<em>Where did mah <strong>Dub-Yoo</strong> go?</em>
Where did mah Dub-Yoo go?

Final Score in Cleveland: Angels 2, Indians 3


Dan Haren pitched a great strong game, the Angels offense pingponged balls right at Cleveland fielders all night and finally got a late lead on Bobby Abreu's 4th HR of the season but Jordan Walden delivered some pretty straight and simple fastballs to stymied Cleveland hitters and the Tribe walked off with its own come from behind victory in the bottom of the 9th.

However, when you score no runs off Fausto Carmona over six innings you deserve to lose and even if the Angels did rally from being down, this game should have been a 7-3 affair, easily. When your team is chasing a first place club and play like a third place team to a second place Tribe it isn't impossible to chant sell sell sell under your breath.

But hey, let's bench Howie Kendrick even after his alleged Faustian bargain of a nemesis has left the game. Let's make Haren throw over 120 pitches but remove Scott Downs after three tosses and one catch. The problem with Mike's Sothball is in its rigid predictability. In a season that saw our fearless leader pull Fernando Rodney after one sloppy weekend back in early April, he has ossified back to improvising in long-dried cement. Try tapdancing anywhere up the standings in that Mike. The tide slowly rises but August is almost here. Sell sell sell?