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Angels Win in Cleveland Weaver Squeaker

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The Red Flamingo spotted Lakeside.
The Red Flamingo spotted Lakeside.

Final Score at Progressive Field in Cleveland: Angels 2, Indians 1


Jered Weaver pitched 7 innings of 1-run ball, walking two, allowing 5 hits and striking out 5 Indians. At 113 pitches, Mike Scioscia elected to bring in Scott Downs for the 8th, a good decision that led to a 14-pitch scoreless frame.

The Angels got all of their scoring from the bat of Mark Trumbo, whose 2-out, 2-run double was almost over the wall. Indians manager Manny Acta had elected to intentionally walk Howie Kendrick to get to the rookie slugger. It backfired as Bobby Abreu and Kendrick were soon waltzing across the plate.

In a ridiculously nailbiting 9th inning, a rare 4-2-3 bases loaded Double Play helped out closer Jordan Walden immensely after three cheap singles had loaded the bases. With the infield in, it was a bang bang force-out at the plate Kendrick to Jeff Mathis and then a quick, precise throw to Trumbo at 1B to retire Matt LaPorta, the lone Indian to blemish Weaver with a solo HR in the bottom of the 7th inning. With the first two outs finally recorded, last night's Tribe hero Jason Kipnis struck out on a 1-2 high heat 99 MPH fastball from Walden - his 24th Save of the season had landed in Primo's mitt and the Halo was lit tonight.