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Mark Trumbo a Single Shy of Cycle as Angels Trounce Tigers

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Final Score in Detroit: Angels 12, Tigers 7


Mark Trumbo hit a homerun, triple and a double but was a single shy of the cycle in a rare offensive outburst for Mike Scioscia's scrappers on an even rarer 4-game series opener day game. Trumbo finishes the morning going 3 for 5 with three runs scored and 5 RBI. His HR was his 19th of the season and his triple was the first of his major league career.

The Motor City Massacre was bloody on both sides as Angels 5th starter Joel Pineiro busted four runs of a five run lead. The burst Piñata left sweet tempting candy high in the strike zone for a sweettoothed bunch of Ty Cobb's Cats, abandoned by their manager (Jim Leyland tossed in the 2nd inning) and growling at each other (Brad Penny in an epic shouting match with Victor Martinez) more than at the game itself.

Picking up the Win for sloppy Jorel was young relief mop Bobby Cassevah the Anti-Kohn, who pitched 2.1 innings of scorelessly clutchola balltossing, scattering 2 hits and 1 walk over 7 batters faced. It was great to see this game not slip away, seeing as it lasted and hour and fifteen minutes longer than yesterday's no-hitter in Cleveland.