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Rick Porcello Masters Angels

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Dont blame Bobby Wilson.
Dont blame Bobby Wilson.
Final Score in Detroit: Angels 2, Tigers: 1 (Dozen)


Rick Porcello pitched an 8 inning, 5-hit masterpiece over the Angels. He allowed 2 ER but they were hardly a blemish on a masterful 6-K performance.

Early on Angels starter Tyler Chatwood was motoring on through the Tigers with the same diligent put-away, but then the 6th inning happened. A threat to break the 2-2 tie in the top of the frame was snuffed by a sharp Erick Aybar GIDP. Chatwood hit the first batter of the bottom of the inning and the wheels just started creaking off the heretofore stellar start.

Before you knew it, four runs were in and Rich Thompson was fixin' a vegemite sandwich on the mound. Mop relief only added to the blowout insanity later on. Horacio Ramirez rose from the dead even but was the same old Ho-Ram.

If there is a silver lining besides the Texas Rangers losing a close one to the Blue Jays in Toronto it is Chatwood's 71 pitches through five innings pitched with nary an hour and ten ticked off the clock. In the postgame interview Mike Scioscia raved about those first five. Maybe the kid is going to save us yet.