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Justin Bieber is Future Angels Talisman

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Kernels relievers get Bieber Fever
Pitcher Tyler Kehrer kind of digs his music. Donn Roach has no opinion. "He’s gotta be doing something right," Roach said. "He’s making a lot more money than me".

The Angels pitching prospects that play for the minor league Cedar Rapids Kernels carry a pink Justin Bieber backpack to the bullpen. It is pretty, uh, well just look at the pictures in that linked article above...

38-year-old Ramon Ortiz to step into Cubs rotation
While Russ Ortiz is content in retirement, Ramon Ortiz is still kicking around, and he'll get a chance to step into the Cubs rotation in place of the injured Carlos Zambrano next week, the team announced today. Ortiz made two starts and 14 relief appearances for the Dodgers last year.

Wait until next year Cubs fans.

C-17 to fly over Angel Stadium on Monday
As part of the celebration of Independence Day and the commemoration of 40th U.S. president Ronald Reagan‘s 100th birthday, a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III will perform a fly-over at Angel stadium tonight.

Wouldn't a Brylcreem giveaway be a more appropriate Reagan tribute?

Angels' Jered Weaver, Howard Kendrick named AL All-Stars
The Angels will be represented by their ace, Jered Weaver, and versatile Howie Kendrick on the American League roster for the 2011 Major League All-Star Game in Arizona on July 12.

The Pravda coverage of our two All-Stars making the team.