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Joel Pineiro Tames Tigers, Torii and Vernon Send Bombs Bursting in Air

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Final Score in Anaheim: Tigers 1, Angels 5


I was at a Fourth of July Barbecue and it was not a baseball crowd. I missed every pitch of this game. On the drive home, poor Terry Smith was giving an inning-by-inning recap with the grand fireworks show going off, patriotic music and background booms that sounded suspiciously like Ringo Starr's snare on the White Album if isolated with proper audio-capture. Terry told me everything I needed to know about the game tonight, though, in great detail. Did you know the Walrus was Joel?

The big story on the surface is pitcher Joel Pineiro holding an offensively-reputable Tigers lineup to just one run. Torii Hunter swinging the bat when it matters and Vernon Wells piling on with a late homer after making everyone oooo and aaaaa by just missing the foul pole earlier in the game. Juan Rivera Lite Wells did score two runs, Peter Bourjos scored a run on a balk and Pebo also saved Tiger Wood attacks by grabbing a ball at the wall. If only golfers had such precise self control, eh?

The Angels are tied for first place in their division after play had finishes on the Fourth of July. Anopther good way to look at tonight's game: Our #4 allowed one run over the Tigers while the victorious division rival Rangers allowed 4 runs by the Orioles with their # uhh... jeez it is hard to tell who is the #1,2,3 or 4 starter on Texas. He gave up 3 ER in 7 IP ot the weakling Orioles. The Rangers' garbagetime pitching staff is about to tilt to the midseason wilt. Looks like it might be an interesting summer!