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All-Star Week Vegas Itinerary

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NEXT LunchTime HaloTalk: July 19 We are taking a midseason break from our weekly internet radio show for two weeks. We are busy planning our Halos Heaven All-Star and DoubleHeader Weekend Festivities. Here is a preview:

Sunday: 10 PM - MIdnight Meet and Greet at the Bar ...Your first beer is on the Rev. Your first drink is on me.

Monday: 5 PM, HR Derby - A Strip Casino Sports Book ...Watch the HR Derby with a bunch of fun, stylish, witty, beautiful and intelligent Angels fans.

Tuesday: 5 PM, All Star Game - Caesars Palace Sports Book ...Watch the Midsummer Classic with your fellow Angels fans.

Wednesday: 10 PM, Penny Slot Tournament ...Downtown Casino

Thursday: 4 PM, - A Strip Casino Sports Book ...Non- Angels Baseball Games at a Sports Book To Be Determined

At some point late in the week, we are going to crash a Matt Welch lecture on World Economics at some Think Tank forum. Time and Place (and severity of crashing) to be determined.

Friday: 7 PM, Angels @ Oakland ...Watch the Game with a wild group of Angels fans.

Saturday: 1 PM Angels @ Oakland DOUBLEHEADER: at a Strip Casino Sports Book .....Watch the Game with a wild group of Angels fans. ALL DAY

There will also be a Craps dice tournament, a WEEKLONG TAG TEAM SCAVENGER HUNT and Pinball Hall of Fame tournament. And a nightly bar/lounge beverage-centric meetup around town.

Prizes and bragging rights will be awarded.