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Dan Haren 2 Hits Tigers, Angels Beat Ejected Justin Verlander

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Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 1 Tigers 0


Dan Haren pitched a complete game 2-hit shutout against the Detroit Tigers and benefited from Howie Kendrick scoring on an Erick Aybar double in the 2nd inning for the game's only run.

All-Star Justin Verlander hit triple digits a few times and pitched his way out of a bases-loaded, no outs situation late in the game, but Haren had little trouble dispatching the usually fearsome Tigers lineup. A great defense behind him saw what might have been four hits turned into outs with a Maicer Izturis barehanded infield grab, a dive and recover at the line by 1B Mark Trumbo to save what easily would have been a double, a catch in the RF alley by CF Peter Bourjos and the catch of the game, on the run at the wall of the LF alley by the casually extended, hip-high glove of Vernon Wells.

Aybar was the only Angel with two hits. Torii Hunter was 0 for 4 including yet another GIDP and a flyout with the bases loaded to end the 6th inning. Jeff Mathis struck out in a choking, pathetic manner earlier that inning with the bases loaded and nobody out and Verlander looking all too human. What was Mathis doing starting the game? Oh ask Lyle Spencer at the world's All-Star Mathis apologists.

The Detroit All-Star pitcher, his manager Jim Leyland and Angels starting DH Bobby Abreu were not around having each been ejected by the three worst umpires in baseball not named Doug Eddings: Angel Campos tossed Bobby at Home Plate for arguing balls and strikes in the first inning, Angel Hernandez tossed an already departing Verlander, taken out of the game with two outs in the 8th inning by Lloyd McClendon who had taken over for Tigers manager Jim Leyland, ejected by the butternut-squash-neckjowl himself, Joe West.

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