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Brendan Donnelly Wins 2003: Angels All-Star Moments!

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Our countdown of the Top Angels All-Star Moments continues with #7: Reliever Brendan Donnelly get the only Win by an Angels pitcher in an All-Star Game history!

The 2003 All-Star Game was played in Chicago's Comiskey Park (or whatever they called it that season) and was the first to feature the "Winner gets home field advantage" marketing pitch after the 2002 ASG tie game debacle: Who can forget "This Time it Counts!"

Well as everyone else was laughing, Mike Scioscia was taking the charge of winning the game quite seriously. He added Angels reliever Brendan Donnelly to the roster. At the time, the Donkey was having an amazing season as the primary setup man for Troy Percival. His ERA on the day he was named an All-Star was 0.40 and when he appeared in the game he had 21 Holds and 2 Saves in 40 appearances.

Donnelly entered the game in the Top of the 8th with the AL trailing 4-6. He got three quick outs. Preston Wilson, Richie Sexson and Aaron Boone are not the first three players you think of when you think "All-Star" but Donnelly's quick inning of work reflected the great season he was having.

And then, beginning with a 1-out double by Donnelly's Angel teammate Garret Anderson, the AL launched a three-run comeback to take the lead, Keith Foulke got a 1-2-3 9th Save and Brendan Donnelly was the right-place, right-time pitcher of record and got the W. He is the only Angels pitcher to get one in the midsummer classic.