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Hisanori Takahashi Ruins Angels Afternoon

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The Angels lost to the Tigers 5-4 in Anaheim after Hisanori Takahashi walked the leadoff batter of the 7th inning. After a nice 15-5 stretch, the Angels weak middle relief again destroyed their chances of thriving in close games yet again. The big offseason signing by Tony Reagins blew a 3-2 Tyler Chatwood lead by walking the leadoff batter, the one thing he is not supposed to do.

In case Takahashi's mom is on google: 尚高橋は7回の先頭打者のバッターを歩いた後に天使はアナハイム図5-4タイガースに敗れた。すてきな15から5ストレッチの後、天使弱い真ん中の救済は、またして再び接戦に繁栄のチャンスを破壊した。トニーReaginsによって署名ビッグオフシーズンはリードオフ打者を歩いて32日タイラーチャットウッドリードを吹いた、一つのことは彼が行うことになっていません。

After scoring three runs in the first inning, the Angels early effort fizzled and they went quietly against Brad Penny. Alberto Callaspo made a costly error to ruin a nice effort by rookie Tyler Chatwood. Takahashi came into the 6th inning with one out and nobody on and got two done with. But he came back out for the seventh and walked a guy batting under .250 who scored on a hit after being bunted over. Michael Kohn came in and served up a plate of meatball to All-Star Miguel Cabrera who planted a homerun into the visitor's bullpen. Mark Trumbo hit a solo shot in the bottom of the inning to get the Angels back to within one but it was not to be.

The Angels did take the series from the Tigers, their 7th in a row. They open a four-game homestand against the Mariners at home tomorrow night.