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Mike Trout Called Up by Angels

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Mike Trout, I can see, can't you see MIKE TROUT
Mike Trout, I can see, can't you see MIKE TROUT

When Peter Bourjos decided against stretching a double on Thursday night into a triple, he inadvertently began the Mike Trout era in Anaheim. Bourjos pulled something in his upper left thigh and was replaced in CF by Vernon Wells. But Vernon won't be in roaming CF tonight at Angels Stadium.

The Angels called up Centerfielder Mike Trout to Anaheim, most likely relief pitcher Michael Kohn or Bobby Cassevah will be sent down, and Bourjos will be listed as day to day. Trout is 19 years old and the number one minor league prospect of the Angels and either the #1 or #2 prospect in all of baseball just behind or just ahead of Bryce Harper.

Trout was not on the Angels 40-Man Roster Thursday. But with that roster holding only 38 players, no big DFA situation seems imminent.

Trout will be wearing Angels jersey number 27 tomorrow. That number was once worn by Vladimir Guerrero and is held almost sacred by some Angels fans. This leaves Jerseys #15 and #31 untouched since their Angel legends left the team - Tim Salmon and Chuck Finley respectively.

Our own Halos Heaven minor league analyst Ryan Ghan ran out of superlatives when he described Mike Trout at the beginning of last season. My own assessment is that he would have started the season at the major league level for 20 of the 30 major league teams out there. Call this move blackjack. While it is almost certain to be a short stay in the bigs this time, the service-time clock just started ticking and you know the team will maximize the coming inexpensive years of MIKE what proves to be a legend most TROUT.

Maybe July 7, 2011 will be looked back as a lucky 7-11 for the franchise. First fanshotted here by RYANFEA. Glad you weren't banned!