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Scioscia & Rodney Collude to Sink the Angels 6-5 vs. Yankees

Tyler Chatwood did his job keeping the Angels close. Chatwood's biggest hiccup was the 2 run bomb by Granderson in the 6th inning. Chatwood finished the game with one strike out and two earned runs.


The Soth, acting like Merlin, pulled a rabbit out his Halo hat and brought in Fernando Rodney. Rodney got the batter out and the Angels got out of the inning; keeping the game tied. Rodney is like the band Bush; they had a hit single, but they were never good and neither was/is Rodney. Apparently, the Soth loves that song and had it on repeat on his iTunes playlist. Let's play the Rodney song again the next inning... Why Mike why! You pulled the rabbit out the hat and we were all pleased that Rodney got the one out; but to bring him out again. Holy heck! It is like when your buddy plays that Phil Collins song "I Can Feel It in the Air Tonight" over and over. Ok, cool, I get it the first time, but not over and over.

Mike, you are a stubborn manager. Rodney sucks, Mathis sucks. Please stop handicapping this team with your stubbornness and play the best lineup.