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Week 18 Results: angelslogic, twinspa21 tops week. 44FAN joins lead.

JERSEY POINTS: 10, 25, 48
JERSEY POINTS: 10, 25, 48

Now's the time to grab the points! Points are just READY to be earned.

Week 18's results says that angelslogic and twinspa21 took the most advantage of this by racking up 13 points. 4 others were just short of the top by grabbing 12. 5 were able to get 11 and 10 points as well. Lots of points that were gotten this week! Overall results show that the overall leader spot is no longer a one-man show. Past champion 44FAN has joined year-long leader WiHaloFan in this year's battle for the top spot.


44FAN (^1) 103
WiHaloFan 103
tanana40 102
stuck in Romania (^1) 101
blast21dave (^1) 100
Andyman (v 2) 100
bc56274 96
Big Game Hunter 90
k3yerout 89
drtrix (NEW) 89


The PPG race now has twinspa21 shooting at a 1.000 clip and taking the top spot here!