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Angels Mathis-Free Offense Feasts on Orioles Pitching

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Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 8, Orioles 3


With a pregame benching of Jeff Mathis almost taking the spotlight away from the return of Mike Trout to the big leagues, it was lineup mainstay Torii Hunter and newly-appointed leadoff man Peter Bourjos taking away Friday night's game form the Orioles. Bourjos led off the game with a double and scored two batters later on a hit by Howie Kendrick. HK-47 and Alberto Callaspo scored on a 3-Run homerun by Hunter and the Angels had four runs before the first out of their half of the first inning. Hunter had two HRs and 5 RBI on the night, Bourjos collected 3 hits and was a triple shy of the cycle, and Rookie Trout hit a late bomb off of former Angel Kevin Gregg.

If my math is right, that is four homeruns by Angels hitters in the game.

On a night that starter Dan Haren was hittable but gutsy, the Angels co-ace managed 7 innings of 3-run ball. His 8 strikeouts and zero walks mitigate the 9 hits he allowed. After the quality start his season ERA sits at 2.98.

The recently-semi-platooned billionaire Vernon Wells started in Left Field after a day of rumors that he would hit the Disabled List. Instead Mister Billion had one single, a walk and a strikeout, almost not getting in the way. Bobby Wilson was 1 for 3 as the ABM (Anyone But Mathis).

The Angels remain six games behind Texas with 36 games to play.