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Angel Arms Throw Away Victory, Angels Bats Recover it, Halos Defeat Orioles 9-8 in Extras

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Bobby Abreu launched a sacrifice fly to deeeeeeep center field in the bottom of the 12th to brign in Vernon Wells from third base with the go-ahead run in a see-saw game that allowed Halo fans to see their second walk off victory in 3 games, and saw the Angels gain a game on the Rangers. 5 games back. Keep the pressure on!


Let's follow the see-saw:

Joel Pineiro threw up his traditional multi-run inning early, getting down 0-3 before settling in.

The Halo offense, amazingly, scored 5 consecutive runs to take the lead!

Bobby Cassevah throws up a couple of runner on base in the 8th, with the Angels leading 6-4, and surrenders a run on a groundout by Vlad. Jordan Walden comes in.

On his very first pitch, Walden throws up the tying run.

Game now in stasis as the Angels offense went to sleep after the 7th.

Waaaaaay over into the 12th, after Hisanori Takahashi was called upon to throw 33 pitches...with 1 out in the 12th Takahashi melts into Takashitty and throws up a walk and a single.

Up steps Mike Scioscia, who throws up all over the notion that he is carrying perhaps the most effective releiver in all of baseball just 200 feet away from his butt, and brings in Fernando Rodney instead. While warming up for relief duties in the 'pen, Scott Downs injures himself with a strained hamstring, which should be causing Mike Scioscia to wonder if Mike Butcher is throwing up all over the pre-game warmups for his pitching staff these days (Garrett Richards, anyone?).

Rodney throws up exactly what everybody not wearing an LAA uniform that doesn't begin with an "S" knew what he would, and blows his stint by handing 2 go-ahead runs to the Orioles. As Adam Jones doubles home the 2 go-ahead runs with a base hit to right field, Torii Hunter throws the ball 15 feet up the third base line where Conger is there to greet Fraudney wandering aimlessly about and allowing the ball to roll all the way to the backstop before he wakes up and thinks about skipping over to cover home plate. Color me surprised.


Buck Showalter does a HUGE favor and blesses us with a graduate of one of our own disastrous bullpens of the past and sends in Kevin Gregg!

The bottom of the Halo order - dormant ALL FRIGGIN' NIGHT!!! - is granted the chance to wake up. Gregg then threw up 2 runs to tie the game AND leave with the bases loaded.

Showalter then throws up his SIXTH pitcher of the night - Troy Patton, who throws up the deep sac fly (and nearly a Grand Slam!) to Abreu to ignite the fan faithful and the shower of fireworks!