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Is Angels Pitching Too Pooped to Pop?

The Angels starting pitcher today is feelgood story of the week Jerome Williams. Rookie Tyler Chatwood is in the minor leagues. Scott Downs pulled a hamstring warming up in the bullpen last night and is questionable for the game.

With Sunday's game being a day-game after a night-game, look for Williams to be stretched to his physical limits. Bobby Cassevah threw 22 pitches last night, Jordan Walden threw 26 and Hisanori Takahashi threw 35.

I guess that leaves us Fernando Rodney, right? He only threw 5 pitches last night and 16 the night before. Barring a roster move it is Williams and Rich Thompson. Fingers crossed for the matinee is about all anyone can say. Monday's off day is looking like the greatest scheduling decision in MLB history.

Of course, the team could always DFA Jeff Mathis and recall Trevor Bell. Nothing that blessedly drastic is likely, but if Bell is here on Sunday morning, there could be creative, Kazmirian use of the disabled list of Anaheim afoot. First pitch is at 12:35 PM Pacific!

UPDATE: Sam Miller TWEETS that Downs' Hammy Issues ain't serious.