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Jered Weaver Angels Contract Extension: Scott Boras Wins Too!

Jered Weaver, Angel for Life.
Jered Weaver, Angel for Life.

The news poured in an ordinarily uneventful Sunday evening: Angels pitcher Jered Weaver, had agreed to a five year, $85 million contract extension. The deal will pay him $17 million per season for 2012 thru 2016. In return for a decent hometown discount, the current ace of the Anaheim staff was given a complete no-trade clause for the length of the deal.

  • Special Thanks to HALOS2.0, UK Halo and Figgi4life for creating fanshots here as the news broke late Sunday afternoon.
  • I always had a hunch Jered liked it too much here to leave and of course, I gotta remind everyone that I boldly called Weaver staying with the team long-term in June despite the peanut gallery seeing pinstripes in a sky-is-falling future.
  • At SBNLA, Eric Stephen crunches the numbers compared to other "ace" contracts and calls this one a big win-win.

This is a great day for JERED WEAVER...
He has job security, avoids a contentious offseason arbitration hearing, and is guaranteed five years of no-trade protection. Best of all, he can ignore the yapping narcissistic east coast media deluding itself into assuming that good players immediately want to sign with teams located in the humidity-strangled urban hellholes left over from the horse and buggy stenched days of the early industrial revolution.

This is a great day for the ANGELS...
They gave Felix Hernandez money to their CC Sabathia. They broke the stereotype of an organization that maximizes player value through arbitration years and lets other front offices go all-in on future performance. And most importantly, they got a number one starter, clubhouse leader, take no-prisoners demander of respect who is poised to set some all-time franchise records through the course of this contract.

This is a great day for SCOTT BORAS...
Boras is Weaver's agent and persona non-grata in the Angels clubhouse for his disingenuous Mark Teixeira negotiations in the post-'08 offseason. Scott's puppet in the press, SI reporter Jon Heyman, broke the news of the deal Sunday afternoon after having insisted in April that Weaver's pending free agency was a given, that There Would Be No Deal. Boras can now hold his head high for his dugout suite behind home plate at Angel Stadium of Anaheim, knowing that his good dealing is most likely welcome back at Club Moreno.

This is a great day for HALOS HEAVEN...
In Weaver's first season as an Angel, 2006, he earned the nickname WTY here at Halos Heaven, for "Weaver The Younger" to distinguish him from older brother Jeff, then also with the club. His other nicknames here have been the abbreviated WEAV and 'LIL WEAV and the overplayed "Dreamweaver", I can only suggest that on the eve of his signing a contract extension that will take him into his eleventh season with the club and pretty much sets him up to be an Angel for life that Halos Heaven decide on a befitting nickname for him. What do you think?

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