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Jean Segura Angels Top Prospect #3

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We continue our countdown of the Angels Top 20 Minor League Prospects as discussed live on the March 29, 2011 episode of our LunchTime HaloTalk internet radio show with minor league analyst Ryan Ghan.

Rev Halofan: Ryan Ghan, who is the Angels' number three prospect?


Ryan Ghan: This is the guy who probably improved more than any other player last year. Jean Segura. We saw a lot of him in spring training, playing shortstop now, having moved over from second.  He did have that one terrible game defensively: I think Ryan Chaffee was pitching earlier in March, and he made two errors in a space of 20 minutes. Aside from that, he has looked very good, making some athletic plays ranging to his left up the middle. He looks like he can stick; he looks like he is legitimate out there. He has always had the good hands and the arm.

If he is able to stick at shortstop, this guy is going to be dynamite. A really good bat. He swings on the right side but so far in his career, he has just blasted righties, showing no trouble with breaking stuff. He has just had his way with righties, which is a really, really good sign that he is going to remain effective to higher levels.

He makes good, consistent contact, going the opposite way much of the time. In fact, he went to the opposite field more than just about anyone else in the system last year. He consistently shoots line drives to right field and most of his HR pop is to straight away center, so he's not much of a pull hitter. That could change when he learns how to turn on balls more, boosting his power numbers, but right now the Halos must be thinking that that's not his game, that they are going to keep him going the opposite way and that they're going to mold him into more of a table setter.

RevHF: I'm thinking of it -- wait, you said shortstop, to hit to the opposite field, I'm thinking Derek Jeter.

Rghan: Well, Segura will probably never have the patience in terms of walks like Jeter has and... well, Jeter is the Holy Grail there in terms of that inside out cut, that ability to go to the opposite field. Segura may not reach that level. 

RevHF: Hey, I don't hesitate. I will exaggerate.

Rghan: I'm looking at his data. 44% of his balls in play went to the opposite fields. The next closest person in the system, and I'm looking at about the top performing thirty guys ... hit 7% less to the opposite field than he did and that's huge. Maybe the Jeter comp will stick. 

RevHF: Wow.

Rghan:  Let's talk about his tools. He is really fast. He stole more than 50 bases I think last year. He is very quick on the base path. He has excellent pitch recognition and while that hasn't turned up in walks yet it does mean that he is waiting for pitches to hit, so his batting average should remain high.

RevHF: Wow. So I've got a question, is he French?

Rghan: No, I believe he's... Yes, I know he's a Dominican.

RevHF: Why is he named Jean?

Rghan: That's a wonderful question. We should call him up and ask.

Segura does not turn 22 until March. He hurt his hamstring and has been shut down. He played 37 games at High A (IE 66ers) with a .771 OPS.