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Angels Watch One Bounce Out of The Oven

<strong><em>S N A P !</em></strong>
S N A P !

Angels Magic Number After Play Tonight: 33. Any combination of Angels wins and Rangers losses that adds up to 33 before the end of the season equals the Western Division title for the LAA.

Results updated. There were 3 DPs in the game, not 2. New spreadsheet is uploaded.

Jered Weaver at a hundred-plus pitches with a one-run lead after six (on the three days rest about which incompetent ESPN hornblower Bobby Valentine reminded viewers about a hundred and ten times). Manager Mike Scioscia gambles and leaves him in. A ball hits the chalk, then hits the ball boy's stool. Mathis watches a bunt not roll foul. You can guess the rest. But you will have to do jumping jacks in a 110 degree sauna for thirty minutes to get the full effect.

After play two weeks ago the Angels were 4 games out of first place. Tonight they are 3 games behind the Rangers. They have gotten as close as two games behind and as far back as 7 games out of first in that two-week span.

This has been a two week baseball binge; a crawl through broken glass packed with hope, intensity, rage and joy. In that time frame the Angels are 7-5. They have gained one game while the fans have each lost a year of our lives in nail-biting anxiety alone.

Jeff Mathis had an incredibly poor game behind the plate and was of no use to a gassed but gutty Weaver. There was no demonstrable positives to his defensive game and his RBI single on an infield-in assumption of a squeeze play with a man on 3B does not mitigate the albatrossian nature of his ruining a perfectly good pennant contender.

But the pressure is on them to repeat. Let's sit back and watch Ron Washington's overconfident cookie crumble; after flopping on the national stage tonight (almost as badly as the ESPN announcing crew), Anaheim has got nothing to lose and lots of rookies to play.

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