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Week 20 Results: MiHaloFan, seraphan with top score, 44FAN extends gap

I'm runnin' away with it!
I'm runnin' away with it!

Week 20 results show that MiHaloFan (not a typo!) and seraphan were able to rack up 5 points and grab the crown for the week. Five others fell short of the top spot by a point.

Overall, our newly crowned leader 44FAN has quickly extended his lead to 7 points over WiHaloFan who drew a blank this week. tanana40 stays close behind WiHaloFan, being down only a single point. In fact, very little changed with the top 10:

44FAN 118
WiHaloFan 111
tanana40 109
blast21dave 108
Andyman 106
stuck in Romania 103
bc56274 101
Big Game Hunter ( ^ 1 )
drtrix 98
LanaBanana 97

...and drtrix remains on top for the PPG race!