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Angels Fritter And Waste The Hours In An Offhand Way

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Final Score in Seattle: Mariners 5, Angels 3


When Joel Pineiro gives up three runs in six innings, even against the light-hitting Mariners, the universe is conspiring in your favor. But for the second game in a row, Mike Scioscia left in an Angels pitcher to start an inning too long. Last night it was Jered Weaver in the 7th in Texas, tonight it was Hisanori Takahashi in Seattle in the 8th.

While Texas had a day off to stay home and do the drugs of their choice or battle their demons or yell at people to get of their field, the Angels took their opponents in the Pacific Northwest a smidge too lightly for serious playoff contention. Mark Trumbo hit his 24th HR of the season, but the polo-shirted Microserfs in the stands, all 1,215 of them, got to see other batters besides Trumbo come to the plate. On the very day when the LA Times had given Vernon Wells so much positive press that one could assume a paid publicist gave the paper's sportswriter an envelope of cash to ignore the truth, Wells came up representing the tying run in the bottom of the 9th. With two outs and a man on 2B Wells grounded out to end the game.

Yes.. and on the day the LA Times fawns: Vernon Wells The Catalyst of Angels Turnaround

Don't worry Kevin Baxter, you can sell your reputation 24 more times on subpar, second place players and still blame the bloggers for implying that your Tribune Company pimp needs to take a bigger cut from whatever it is that overpaid jocks use to inspire your insipid lies. Or do you not understand baseball?

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