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Angels Pitching Predictions 50 Games Left

...and ya know it don't come easy...
...and ya know it don't come easy...

The Angels have fifty games left. The season has 55 days left.

Dan Haren will get eleven more starts, Ervin Santana will get twelve more starts, Jered Weaver will get ten more starts.

If we win all 33 of those games, nothing I write below here will matter.

If we go 20-13 in the 33 remaining starts by our big three, going 9-8 in the other 17 contests started by Chatwood and TBD#5s would make this a 90-win club. Huh? Somebody check mah math!

Tyler Chatwood should get ten more starts, but to be cautious with his innings-pitched ceiling, the club might make that nine starts and give our yet-to-be-named Fifth starter eight starts. And with Weaver's suspension coming up, a spot starter beyond #5 will be required, meaning that whoever gets the fifth starter job will likely only start seven games. The likelihood is that two pitchers will be auditioning for a fifth starter spot over the course of eleven games beginning in Yankee Stadium next Wednesday.

My Predictions: Trevor Bell gets seven starts as our #5. Arkansas Traveler Garrett Richards gets one or two starts as a #6. Look for long relief stints by Horacio Ramirez and Joel Pineiro on "give-up" games. With two mops at the ready, the pressure will be on Rich Thompson and Bobby Cassevah to keep "close behind" games close.

Does Mike Adams, Koji Uehara and Neftali Feliz have it over Scott Downs, Hisanori Takahashi and Jordan Walden. Yes. But not by so much as to mitigate Weaver/ Haren/ Santana keeping our backend three more rested. Draw your own conclusions. If we are to win anything, it will be with the pitching leading the way.